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Borrow 500 USD despite BCR?

Also possible for you, today on your bank account! Do you want to borrow 500 USD despite a BCR registration? Also possible for you, today on your bank account! This is the solution for your balance and is used by many people. There are times when you want to borrow 500 USD quickly despite your […]

March 4, 2020

Are loan brokers as good as they sound?

You’ve probably heard of loan brokers. It is a company that offers a service where they cooperate with a large number of banks and lenders and when you borrow you send in a loan application through them, which then goes out to all the lenders with whom they work. You then get answers from anyone […]

January 7, 2020

Loan Loyalty Program – it pays off.

Crediten offers its clients loans up to PLN 4,000 to be repaid within 30 days. In addition to the standard first loan for free, the company has prepared something special for its clients – an attractive Loyalty Program, thanks to which we can save on loan commissions. It is a proposal addressed to people who […]

August 22, 2019

Stereotypes about borrowers | Payday loan

Middle-aged and older people as clients of loan companies What is our idea of ​​a typical loan company client? Most often we associate him with an uneducated person, unable to manage his money wisely, sometimes unemployed or simply not ambitious. When it comes to age issues, we would rather indicate  middle-aged and older peopleas clients of […]

August 1, 2019

How to invest in the stock market without losing money?

It is not easy to get money in a competitive world like today. Because of this, when we can get a good amount together, we want to make it earn money safely, minimizing the risk of loss. One of the ways to multiply our money is by investing in the stock market, but the fact […]

July 17, 2019

Borrow money for your tax liability Pay off your tax liability in one go

Borrowing money for your tax assessment is more topical than ever, many people have bought a new house, but have not yet sold the old one. This means that at a given moment you may no longer deduct the interest paid from your tax return, which in turn means that it will be higher than […]

July 4, 2019

How to build your loan redemption file?

This is without a doubt the stage that scares the most people asking for a redemption of credits. The constitution of the file requires a real personal investment on the part of the borrower. Do not worry, the list of elements necessary to validate your request is clear and precise. Especially since the broker buyback […]

June 12, 2019

What do student loans and health care have in common?

What is the dynamic that leaves student loans and the burden of health care out of our hands? As a health economist, I spend my days working with incredibly innovative biotech and medical device companies that market their products in the health sector. As a result, I am obliged and inclined to think about the […]

June 8, 2019

Press breakfast – trends on the loan market

Consumer and housing loans as well as credit cards – report results In 2016, fewer loans up to PLN 50,000 were granted. PLN, more for higher amounts. The value of paid payday loans increased by 1.2% with a decrease in loans granted. The housing loan sector increased its number by 4.1 percent. and a value […]

May 27, 2019