Expected Features Of Microsoft Office 2019

Tech giant Microsoft is geared up to launch the most recent update regarding its latest version of the productivity suite, Microsoft Office 2019, towards the end of this year. Certain organizations will be able to preview the applications now in order to test out innovative features, and users can sign up to be one of them if they are unable to wait any longer.

Since the release of Office 2016, this is the next massive update to MS Office. This new update brings in a number of significant changes for the users who like downloaded software. Since Microsoft Office 365 is cloud-based, users do enjoy the applications and automated updates throughout the subscription period, however, Microsoft Office is Microsoft’s flagship business program.

When it gets released officially, it is going to be a regular offering. Therefore, companies will make a one-time purchase, and they will gain access to all the latest features and application updates as and when they happen. In a press report, the company stated that this model, even though a deviation from the monthly or yearly subscription-based Office 365 suite it has been pushing, is created for companies who are not prepared to shift their work to the cloud.

Microsoft Office 2019 will us going to be a relevant upgrade for users who believe that they require to have some or all of the Office applications on servers on-premises, Microsoft noted in a press statement.

Microsoft Office 2019 is the official and continued rollout of the Office suite, but Office 365 users will also be able to enjoy to the new tools and features as and when they get released. Previewers will be able to access brand-new Excel features, a modern Microsoft OneNote for Windows 10, along with an array of features for IT and security.

Expected Features

As per the video exposed on Twitter recently, there is an upgraded design experience embedded into the Microsoft Word Online as well as Microsoft Office Web Portal. The latest design includes fine vibrancy when the consumer shifts within the tabs of the ribbon. Moreover, it also boasts a better user interface (UI), which provides a cleaner application experience. The same features along with designs are also made for the Office Word desktop application. The desktop app of Word is going to get a cleaner user interface and high-grade animations similar to the Online Office application. However, the previously available Acrylic blur effects are not given. Alternatively, as a portion of Fluent Design, Microsoft has applied animation and shadows to improve the visual impact of the Application with the latest update.

Bottom Line

Microsoft has not yet confirmed the visual design upgrade which is in production for one of the Office suites of programs. Insiders too do not have any information regarding the updated user interface experience. The good news is that it is widely speculated that the users will not have to wait for much longer as Microsoft will release the update soon enough. There are reasons to believe that the user interface will be released to the public when the testing process is over.

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