How to build your loan redemption file?

This is without a doubt the stage that scares the most people asking for a redemption of credits. The constitution of the file requires a real personal investment on the part of the borrower. Do not worry, the list of elements necessary to validate your request is clear and precise.

Especially since the broker buyback credit is there to help you build a complete file and answer questions. A file well constitute is essential element to succeed its redemption of credits. What elements to attest to your financial situation?

The necessary proof of identity

The necessary proof of identity

First, it is essential to hold valid credentials (National Identity Card or Passport). In order to justify the marital and family situation of the borrowers, your broker will require the copy of the Family booklet with the pages concerning the children.

For pacsed couples without children, the attestation of the Civil Solidarity Pact will be necessary. In addition, when the only borrower is married, his spouse must be informed of the establishment of a loan buyback and indicate his agreement by signing an attestation in the context of the loan offer.

Evidence of your financial and heritage situation

Evidence of your financial and heritage situation

As for the granting of a mortgage or a consumer loan, the credit buyback broker will request the last three payslips. On these documents, appears the seniority in the company. In addition, the last three tax notices will make it possible to verify if a portion of the income is variable and if it is the case to estimate an average. In addition, the tax notice is a photograph of the tax home, this documentary informs about the number of dependents. This is an important indicator for the calculation of indebtedness and the balance to be lived per person after payment of financial charges.

For borrowers who are nearing retirement age, the organization that the retiree credit redemption will then ask for an estimate of your retirement pensions. For this, a retirement simulator has been put online by the government for a few days.

Regarding non-professional income, including possible income from land, it will be justified through the lease and the tax voucher (Latest tax notice under the micro-land regime or the declaration n ° 2045).

For a global study, the broker of redemption of credits will need the documents of the patrimonial situation of the customers. It is of course the real estate heritage that must be justified. Thus, the certificates of ownership must be sent to the broker in charge of the file. These documents will link any outstanding real estate loans to the properties they have financed. If a mortgage guarantee is necessary for the implementation of the purchase of credits, the broker will then have the mission to estimate your property. Proof of your financial assets (savings, savings plan, life insurance.).

The elements of study of indebtedness

The elements of study of indebtedness

The documents that make up this part of the file will help analyze your current financial situation. This is a crucial study because it is depending on the debt before redemption that your broker can determine the most suitable solution.

The initial loan offers of all the loans to be bought back will make it possible to know the terms of the early repayment (presence or absence of repayment penalties, contact details of the borrower) and then to check whether there are real guarantees backed by the loans. (mortgage, life insurance contracts secured.).

On the other hand, loan amortization plans are essential for estimating the amounts to be repaid on redemption. It is also a way of knowing the financial conditions that apply to loans.

If there are family debts, then an attestation from the creditor may be required. In any case, it will be necessary to justify them through account statements.

Also, it is always beneficial to attach a cover letter to support your application. This mail can play in favor of the borrower when negotiating the financial terms by the broker. Do not hesitate to decorate the credit redemption file with explanatory notes that will help the broker in the context of the study.

Finally, the credit buyback broker will request statements of accounts in banks held for the last three months. These elements make it possible to check if there is no other loan in progress and especially to identify possible rejection of the levy or unpaid loans. If this is the case, the file is then the subject of a more personalized study for the study of risk.

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