How to Fix USB is Not Recognized Error in Microsoft Windows

Since Microsoft Windows is built uniquely to work smoothly for providing a flawless experience of work to the user, it has become very reliable. But sometimes, the Windows keep showing error “USB is Not Recognized” which is quite annoying for a user as it delays the important. If your system is also displaying the same error, then don’t bother as there are some workarounds which you would like to follow in an attempt to eliminate the error and make your system to recognize the USB device.

Fix USB is Not Recognized Error in Microsoft Windows

Here, how to fix to USB is not Recognized Error in Microsoft Windows

Uninstall USB flash drive

  1. Follow the same steps mentioned above till expanding the Universal Serial Bus Controllers option.
  2. Now, find the USB device which the system is not recognizing.
  3. Right click on the unrecognized device and select Uninstall from the drop-down menu.
  4. Now, reboot your computer and try connecting the USB drive again.
  5. These methods should help when you are attempting to fix the error. If the methods don’t work, then jump to the next method.

Modify your USB settings

  1. Open the Start
  2. Now, click on Control Panel.
  3. Now, again sort the options by clicking View by and selecting Small size.
  4. Now, find Power Options.
  5. Click to open Power option window.
  6. Click the Show additional plans down facing arrow button.
  7. Now, select High Performance below Show additional plans.
  8. Select Change plan settings.
  9. In the next tab, click Change advanced power settings
  10. Now, click Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  11. Expand the USB settings and click USB selective suspend
  12. Go to On battery and Plugged in options and set them to Disabled.
  13. Click Ok
  14. Now, click Apply to save the changes.
  15. Now, reboot the system and try connecting the USB device again.
  16. The method should work and eliminate the USB not recognized error.

There are other possible solutions to eliminate the error, but those solutions are for advanced users. If these methods don’t work well and the error persists then you should contact the manufacturer of your computer as well as the manufacturer of your USB device to get the ideal solution for resolving the error.

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