How to Organize and Declutter your Digital Space

Most of the people spend a lot of time in the digital world inside their PCs and smartphones. Similar to the real physical world, the digital world needs organization and renewal from time to time to keep its function healthy with its full potential.

How to Organize and Declutter your Digital Space

Here are some following tips for you to declutter and organize your digital space efficiently:

1- Don’t cram the work

If you cram the entire work on a single day, then it can be messed up as underground storage. You should avoid the underestimation of the amount of work and the time you engaged into this, whether it is an email or downloads folder.

If you have adequate time to wrap up entire work in a day then it sounds great, otherwise take it slow because jam-packing everything into a single session may cause more harm than good.

2- Label using filters

For almost every email, you can create an appropriate filter to label the email and also file it automatically. This helps to keep your emails organized. For instance, you want to look at all the bills that you have received in your email then you can find for the appropriate label.

3- Let the browser inquire where to save downloaded contents

You should enable the button in your browser that permits you to select where to save the downloaded content. Whenever you download a file, instead of putting the file into the Downloads folder, you should make a pertinent subfolder and save it there.

If you are downloading the files pertinent to the project, then you should name the project to the new folder. Through this way, you can at least remember the name of the folder and where the related files can be found. You can also delete the content from the Downloads folder easily by this way.

4- Archive the files rather than delete them

In the name of decluttering, you should not delete every file that is not necessary at the moment. If they are partially downloaded or junk files or temporary then delete them. If they can be utilized later then managed them accordingly.

5- Sort by date-wise when organizing

Sort all your files by date-wise before making it a bunch. By this way, you can search the downloaded or created files on the same day related to the same category which organizes them easier.

6- Use quick search for mobile apps

If you have a multitude of applications on your smartphone, then you might require a quick search feature to search for and launch apps. Don’t be stressed while creating folders if each folder consists of a plethora of apps. If you have Siri or Ok Google in your system, then you can use them to launch apps.

7- Manage apps by color

If you have a small number of apps on your smartphone, then you can organize them by color. If you don’t desire to spend time in sorting apps precisely, then you can differentiate the icons on the basis of warm and cool colors.

8- Use symbols and emojis

You can use the emojis or symbols wherever applicable to shrink the names of folder or labels.

9- Use Cloud storage to archive

Instead of downloading files to your PC for archiving, you can open your cloud storage and save them there.

10- Rent or stream instead of downloading

Don’t download the movies, songs, e-books, if they are not classics because it will save your storage space and keeps your library more organized.

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