How to Set Up Facebook Live Through Your Mobile

You can quickly engage with your customers with the help of Facebook. If you are directly talking to your fans, then it can help your page become more popular. Throughout the weekdays, there are so many exciting things happening around. Many new products are being introduced and developed. You can quickly pick up anything you feel passionate about and deliver it to the customers.

How to Set Up Facebook Live Through Your Mobile

 Facebook Live is actually an interactive way to share what you do. This feature was announced in 2015, but it was then restricted only to celebrities. Later Facebook made it available to any of the user with an active profile. It gained popularity right after its launch. Marketers are more excited about it because it is a fun way to communicate with customers and build authentic relationships with the fans.

How to Broadcast on Facebook Live

It started as a mobile-only broadcasting feature but in no time became usable for desktop computers.

Via Mobile

  1. Just get started with your mobile device.
  2. Launch the Facebook app on your device.
  3. Head over to News Feed.
  4. Click the Live option that is denoted by camcorder icon.
  5. You can also go live on Facebook profile.
  6. Just open up status bar by clicking the text that shows what is on your mind?
  7. Choose Live Video option from the menu.
  8. Allow Facebook to access your camera and your microphone once induced.
  9. You will not receive these prompts once you see it.
  10. If you are new to Facebook Live, then try to switch the privacy setting to Only Me.
  11. Provide a description to your broadcast that will show up on News Feed of people like the status update above video.
  12. Try to write an attention-grabbing headline to make them understand what your content is about.
  13. You can tag a friend, select the location, or add any activity.
  14. You will find icons at the bottom of the screen, click those icons to tag people who are on Facebook Live Video.
  15. Add the location from where you are shooting.
  16. These simple touches can customize your videos increase discoverability.
  17. Ensure that your camera is well pointed in the right direction before you tap Go Live.
  18. Just tap rotating arrows icon if you want to change the view of the camera to the selfie.
  19. It doesn’t matter how do you hold your device because the video will be a square.
  20. You can add filters and lenses to your videos, tap the Go Live button and start broadcasting.
  21. Freely interact with the commenters and the viewers.
  22. Just tap Finish to end the broadcast.
  23. First, post your reply and then save the video to the camera roll.

You are now done. You can go back to the post on your timeline and edit the description if you feel like. You can change the privacy settings or even delete the video like any of your post.

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