How to Watch NFL 2018 Season Using iOS this Thanksgiving

Some of the people are going to spend their time at home on this Thanksgiving Day. But those who love sports can make their Thanksgiving Day special. How about watching the NFL Season 2018 Games on the upcoming Thanksgiving day? Definitely, you cannot watch the television for whole because it is the time when you will be busy doing some shopping your friends and family. But you don’t want to miss the sports as well. To help you out with this dilemma, here is the list of applications to allow you to watch NFL new season on your iOS device without any restrictions and disturbance. But don’t forget to keep a quality amount of cellular or wireless internet data.

How to Watch NFL 2018 Season Using iOS

Here is how to watch NFL 2018 season using iOS this Thanksgiving

1- NFL App

If you want to spend your time watching NFL season 2018, then you can download the NFL app and stream to the live NFL games right on your iOS device, for free. You must know that it will consume a lot of internet data, so prepare your package accordingly and begin watching the new season of NFL games.

2- Yahoo Sports

The Yahoo Sports: Scores & New app is another partner to make your day special. If talking about a particular game NFL, then the app is capable of streaming all the NFL games which are broadcasted on CBS, Fox, and NBC as well. Not only that, but this app gives you the experience of television with its exclusive commentary and scoreboard and extras which any diehard fan could fantasize. But there is one thing you should remember that the app will work excellently on cellular data as compare to Wi-Fi connections.

3- CBS All Access App

When you download the CBS All Access app and launch it to watch your favorite teams defending against each other, the app will ask you to get a subscription plan. Though, you can have a seven-day free trial, so utilize the seven days free trial period and enjoy the NFL games. But there is a benefit which you may not find in other applications. The CBS All Access is capable of working with Apple AirPlay.

4- NBC Sports

The NBC Sports app is free, but still, you are required to log in. To log in, you will need a cable subscription or streaming service, but once you are done, you will be able to watch live streaming of NFL games.

5- Fox Sports Go App

If any reason is blocking you to watch your television, then download the Fox Sports App in your iOS device. It is available for free on Apple App Store, but you will need to log into the app with all the credentials which your cable provider has given you.

6- fuboTV  App

Another app for all the hardcore fans of NFL, fuboTV, is entirely a subscription-based streaming service. The app is only developed to stream sports, starting with a subscription plan of $40 a month. It streams CBS, NBC, Fox, NFL Network and NFL Redzone. The app is also offering the seven days free trial to its users so you can also opt for this. With all these facilities, this app is a true companion for this Thanksgiving Day.

Even if you are busy and away from the television, you cannot miss the chance to keep watching your favorite teams playing against each other. The list of applications will let you stream every game on your iOS device. So go on and download the app you like most from the list and make your Thanksgiving Day special.

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