Know How Microsoft Office can Boost the Economy?

As we know Microsoft is one of the most popular and used program on the globe and it provides many type of applications to complete all sorts of tasks easily. Most of the people are using it because of its affordable and remarkable service in the market. In this article, you will read about the importance of Microsoft office to save our economy.


● The organization avoided adding new infrastructure hardware.
● Server licenses for various Microsoft solutions were no longer needed.
● The implementation effort was 40% less than for a comparable on-premises solution.
● The man power required to support the solution is reduced by more than half.

In Cost:

The composite organization experienced the following risk-adjusted costs:

● Internal implementation labor- The full deployment of Office 365 was completed in three phases. Phase one,
● Completed in the initial period, consisted of standing up the Office 365 solution, migrating all email accounts.


● Three hundred highly mobile “road warrior” employees save 1 hour per day by Year 3.
● You can save a lot of efforts and time by not having to use VPNs to access systems and having better collaboration tools and access to information.
● This increased productivity grows from a quarter hour per day.

Business Intelligence:

● Six hundred users make faster, better decisions because of more timely access to information. Subset of users — analysts, managers, and salespeople — see a reduction in time required to hunt for information or waiting for information in order to make the best decisions possible.
● The benefit begins to be realized in Year 2 of the study, and the daily savings is 30 minutes per day by Year 3.
● The productivity opportunity, discounted 50% since not all productivity gains result in more work accomplished, totaled $3.25 million.

Control and Compliance:

● Using Office 365 eliminated the need to undertake four projects that would have otherwise been
● required. Office 365 had all of the required features and security that eliminated the need for additional
● Projects to deploy encrypted email, data leakage, eDiscovery, and rights management capabilities.
● Man-months were saved with a corresponding cost avoidance of $90,250.

In Professional Plus Form:

● Office Professional Plus 2007 local users, and deploying OneDrive for all users. Phase two, completed in Year 1,
● Consisted of a completely new deployment of Lync and Yammer. Phase three was completed in the second year.
● The study and consisted of migrating from SharePoint 2007 on-premises to the latest version of SharePoint Online.

In Enterprise Social:

● Third-party social/collaboration tools are eliminated since they come standard within Office 365. In
● In addition to the productivity gains that social and collaboration tools deliver, there is a hard savings by discontinuing the use of other tools and by moving communications from traditional telephones to Internet Based.

In Professional Services:

The composite organization used Microsoft Professional Services during all phases of
deployment. Professional services were used to help properly set up the solutions and with any especially

In Training:

● Training was required for the IT team on the new and updated solutions being deployed, as well as some training on the differences in administering Office 365 compared with on-premises versions.
● One hundred and fifty man-days of IT training took place in the initial period, with additional training, involving significantly less man-days, in years 1 and 2.
● Additionally, three internal employees provided user training to the rest of the composite

In Organization:

● Ongoing system administration- The Benefits section described the number of system administrator positions.

● Incremental Microsoft licenses- For individual user licenses, Office 365 was compared with the Software assurance pricing model to provide the best apple-to-apple comparison of a solution that always has users on the

Federation hardware:-

The composite organization desired to use identity federation for improved single sign-on

Additional bandwidth:-

Moving to Office 365 resulted in a net increase of bandwidth required.

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