How should Microsoft Deal with GitHub’s Controversial Code?

The Microsoft will provide you whole control to the GitHub; it also allowed to operate it and collect all revenue at the end of the day.

Recently, LinkedIn is owned by the Microsoft Corporation. The attainment was reported across startup magazines and major tech sites, but it is not significantly featured across the network.

Developers of Microsoft are primarily concerned for two reasons:

  • Due to probable integrations with other the Microsoft products, and a closer relationship with their internal mound in favor of others, open protocols.
  • And the Microsoft’s former standing as an Open Source proponent.

There is also some suspect in properly managing technical teams which are working on existing products, known as regressions in some other acquisitions and also for data privacy.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft has positively supported Open Source through the numerous efforts. But completely cleaning out their reputation in the FOSS community will take so long. For the time being, GitHub acquisition is a difficult move for Microsoft.

Aside revenues, below the information is about what Microsoft could do upon acquisition:

  • Keeping the GitHub an independent organization under the NASDAQ: MSFT would be an enormous starting point for Microsoft.
  • A completed and detailed press release reassuring the developers that their data is safe and secure, transferring towards the Azure doesn’t come anytime soon, and all the tools will be prepared for years to come.
  • Several media campaigns are attributing Satya himself, so the GitHub’s leadership team and some of the various Microsoft developer advocates approaching for support and acceptance from the development community.
  • On behalf’s of Microsoft, thousands of sponsored open source events over the course of a few years.
  • Microsoft will release some moderately closed projects like the open source on GitHub.
  • Microsoft is Modifying the backlog of tens of thousands of GitHub issues for the feature requests across GitHub, comparing with the GitLab and Bitbucket, and usually, Microsoft is preparing a roadmap for further improvements for the Github platform.
  • Some plans become even more affordable; pricing stays integral.
  • Further initiatives and freemium opportunities for students which is under the Microsoft training organizations, free premium accounts for donated to all technical trainers or Lynda subscribers and free integration with the Team Foundation Server or some other benefits that developers and entry-level folks will appreciate.

For more information about Github and Microsoft, connect with the Microsoft team.

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