Microsoft Office 365 Users Experience Outages Across The UK

Users of Microsoft Office 365 experienced several outages on June 15. Tech giant, Microsoft verified that it was encountering problems that seem to be particular to users in the United Kingdom.

The Office 365 outage comes several days after Microsoft experienced authentication problems which locked out several hundreds of users across the globe.

Office 365 is a compilation of various apps bundled under a particular portal. Users have gone to social media platforms such as  Twitter to complain that the  Office 365’s email service is remarkably sluggish with some users tweeting that their  Outlook stopped responding, froze, or gotten stuck.

A few users are stating issues regarding Office Find Time. It is a Microsoft app which is a convenient way to schedule meetings in the Office 365 user’s calendar. Users have also complained that other apps in Office 365 such as Microsoft SharePoint are either slow or unresponsive.

Still, the majority of the problems appear to be in Microsoft Office 365’s Outlook, an email client, with a few users complaining regarding setbacks of half an hour in sending and receiving emails, whereas other users can are unable even to access their accounts.

The problems occur merely a couple of days after Jared Spataro, the Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Office Marketing, declared a range of proposed updates in a blog post wherein he stated that they are happy to declare user experience updates for Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook which are to be released progressively over the following few months.

He stressed that the user experience updates would not roll out all at once, but in the coming few months Microsoft will extend fresh designs to certain users in steps and thoroughly examine and study. They will shift them into production only when they have passed through severe series of validation as well as refinement.

UK Testing

The problems concerning Microsoft Office 365 are just restricted to the Microsoft Office users within the United Kingdom.

Pete Banham, product manager at Mimecast, said to the Computer Business Review that the specific details are not yet obvious which stresses on the risk of outsourcing the company email uptime to a 3rd party. Depending for operation on any particular IT setting generates business hazards that must be considered thoroughly.

He also stresses on the necessity to have an emergency plan in place to deal with such kinds of outages which may have a critical crisis on company’s operations. Anybody who outsources any essential communication service such as email should take into consideration a cyber resilience plan which reassures the capability to recover from an outage and carry on with the operation as usual.

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