Microsoft Office Released the Speak Feature with Multilingual TTS

Microsoft Office comes with an active and useful feature that is called Speak. This amazing feature will allow you to multilingual Text-To-Speech or TTS to be used in PowerPoint, OneNote, Word, and Outlook. It is not available on the Ribbon, to use its full features; you need to add this feature to the Quick Access Toolbar or the Ribbon. You can also use the Mini Translator with it. Besides this, you can also use the keyboard rather than the mouse with this feature.

Work of Speak feature with Multilingual TTS in Office:-

Speak will help you in text-to-speech matching with conditions of the language which are the used in the text. You will able to check out the installed text-to-speech engines when you move to Control Panel. Through Speak Cells, Text-to-speech playback is also available for Excel.

To start this process, you need to download the speech platform from Microsoft.

You can choose the 32-bit or 64-bit version, as per your requirements.

Know How to add Speak feature to Quick Access Toolbar:-

  • Launch the Office program. For example- we are using MS Word.
  • Move to Backstage View, and then click on the File.
  • Click on the Options and then navigate to the Quick Access Toolbar tab.
  • Then click on the drop-down menu section, select the Commands Not In The Ribbon.
  • Now select the Speak from the box, click on the Add option.
  • Then click on the OK.
  • After that, the Speak icon will show in the Quick Access Toolbar automatically.

Know How to add Speak to the Ribbon:-

  • Open the Word and click on the File, open the Backstage View.
  • Move to the Options and then choose the Customize Ribbon.
  • Go to the under of Choose Commands drop-down menu and select the Commands Not In the Ribbon.
  • Then open a new or custom tab by clicking on the options New Group or New Tab.
  • Now click on the Rename option to create a general name for a group.
  • Go to the scroll box and select the Speak.
  • Then click on the Add to add it to your custom group or tab.
  • At last, click on the OK option, the Speak feature will start the show on the Ribbon automatically.
  • Now, Speak feature is ready and running for text-to-speech playback. It functions will automatically give the responses while selecting the text or the cursor is in any word on the document.
  • Click on the Speak to start the feature, click the button during the speech to cancel playback.

You can also use Speak feature to a Hotkey to save your time and get the proper functionality. Word can support all keyboard shortcuts for commands as per your choice. To do this, follow the below given steps:-

  • Navigate to the Customize Ribbon menu section, select the Customize.
  • Select the All Commands category.
  • Link SpeakStopSpeaking command to any hotkey.

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