June 20, 2018

office.com/myaccount | office setup – www.office.com/myaccount

Microsoft Office refers to a complete package of servers, desktop applications, and services for the Microsoft Windows and OS X operating systems, first introduced by Microsoft on August 1, 1989.


Initially, it’s a marketing term for a collection of applications or servers, the first versions of Microsoft Office included Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. Over the years, the Office applications have developed considerably closer with some shared features such as a common spell checker, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications scripting languages and many more.

Apart from these, it offers a spacious range of applications including MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, and also the services including Publishers, Skype integration and many more. It also offers some web-based services, here we provide the list of the Microsoft Office Applications:-

  • MS Outlook
  • MS Publisher
  • MS OneNote
  • MS Bookings
  • MS Analytics
  • MS PowerApps
  • MS Forms
  • MS Flow and more

Currently, Microsoft Office has millions of users who are using applications for different purposes such as business, personal, and commercial. Microsoft keeps updating features of the application programs. Some of its best-updated features including:

  • Accessibility checker
  • Tell me
  • Simple markup view
  • Tagged PDF files
  • Signature line
  • Invisible digital signature
  • Flesch reading ease

How to Buy Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office provides a wide range of application; it is available in two ways in the market, for buying Microsoft Office follow the given steps:

  • Online Medium
  • Offline Medium

Online Medium-:

In Online Medium, users can buy the Microsoft Office product from the official website of Microsoft. But installing Office software, need to open an account. Sign in to the account by providing 25 characters alpha-numeric Office activation product Key activation key/code.

Whether to buy it online or offline its depends on you, but if you want to go through the login process of Microsoft Office then visit the Office.com/myaccount website.

Offline Purchase

In Offline Medium, the Microsoft Office suite will be available in the nearby retail shop in the market. The retailer will provide you a CD/DVD along with a retail card having 25 characters alpha-numeric product activation key/code on the backside of CD/DVD. For downloading or installing the software, you need to create an account in the Microsoft Office website.

Steps to Create Microsoft Office My Account

By reading the points above, now you become aware of the necessity and importance of the Microsoft Office account. The Microsoft Office account is an online account which comprehensively organizes and collects the information of the users who have subscribed to the Office products. By the Microsoft Office my Account, users can recover the 25 characters alpha-numeric Office activation product key/code anytime while installing the Office product. It can be done by visiting the link Office.com/myaccount. For creating an account on the Microsoft Office website, you need to follow the given steps:-

  1. Click to open your web browser,
  2. Type the link in the address bar office.com/myaccount or office.com/setup.
  3. Click on the Enter
  4. Enter registered email id and password to Sign In to your account.
  5. Click on the Create a new account tab, If you don’t have an
  6. Provide all required details, to Create a new Account.
  7. Enter 25 character alpha-numeric activation Office product key/code which came along with the Microsoft product.
  8. The product key will be available either in your mailbox or back side of the retail card.
  9. After signing up, you will be redirected directly to My Account page.
  10. My account will lets you install, manage and share Office subscription online.
  11. Click on the Install tab, if you want to install the product
  12. It will automatically start download Microsoft office setup on your device.
  13. Now, Run the installation setup.
  14. Follow the on-screen instructions cautiously to complete the installation process.
  15. Click on the Finish tab, and start using Microsoft Office.