Not Receiving Facebook Notification? Here How to Fix it

Facebook, one of the leading social media networks, is a service that people do not fail to keep in their phones. It is an amazing way to stay connected with people, conduct real-time chatting, view pictures and it now has a video and group calling option. But, what if you stop getting Facebook notifications? It will be wrong to say that receiving notification annoys some people. Well, not receiving notification will keep the activities of your Facebook friends unknown until you check the app, and this is what you may not like. The push notification option in the Settings menu of Facebook is developed to send the user a notification on the mobile screen.

Not Receiving Facebook Notification? Here How to Fix it

But, a lot of Facebook users have reported that they are not receiving Facebook notification and have asked resolve the problem. Sometimes, the apps installed on the handset are not outdated, and hence these apps won’t run properly in the device. Similarly, the Facebook app in their phones could be outdated resulting in its weak performance. If you also have the same issue then don’t bother to follow the instructions mentioned below. Let’s see the methods to resolve the problem and make Facebook send you the notifications.

Here, how to solve not receiving Facebook notification

Clear Cache of Facebook App

Generally, cache memory becomes necessary as it keeps the small information like login password for a particular app, but a large number can bring the problems as well. In this situation, clearing the cache could be a solution that might bring expected results to you. Once you clear the cache of Facebook app, you will need to log in the app again. Check if you are receiving notifications or not. If not, then try the next solution.

Turn on Notification Option

If the settings are accidentally changed, and you have turned off the push notification option, then it is apparent that you will not receive a notification. To check, you must go to the Settings in the Facebook app.

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your phone.
  2. Tap the hamburger icon from the left corner.
  3. Scroll down to Settings section in the menu.
  4. Tap the App Settings option.
  5. In the new display, find NOTIFICATION SETTINGS.
  6. Check Notification.
  7. Once you check the notification option, sub-options will appear below it. Select those options from you want to receive the notification.
  8. Now, close the app.
  9. You must receive notifications now.

Reinstall the App

Maybe a file in the device is not working correctly which is causing the issue to send you the notification. Removing the app from the phone to reinstall it might help you to work correctly.

The iOS device holders can uninstall the app by long pressing the app icon and tap the cross button to delete the app. The Android device holders can go to Facebook in the App section of Settings of the phone.

Now, visit the app store of your devices and download Facebook again. Once the installation is done, log in the app and check if the problem is there.

Restarting the Phone and App

Sometimes a problem can be resolved with an easy restart of the device and the program facing the problem. Force stopping the app and then restarting the device is capable of troubleshooting the error. In the settings of your phones, go to the App section and find Facebook to Force Stop the app.

Update to the Latest Version

As mentioned above, the older version of the app can create the problem as the outdated app doesn’t receive and service from the developers. In this scenario, the app doesn’t work, and the problem begins to show. Hence updating the app will resolve the issue.

  • The Android Device User
  1. Open the Settings of your phone.
  2. Go to About Devices and select Download Updates manually.
  3. Now, check if the updates are available.
  • The iOS Device Users   
  1. Launch Settings in your phone.
  2. Go to General and tap Software Update.
  3. Now, check for the updates.

It is not a tough task to resolve the problem, but those who don’t know how to fix the problem can follow the steps to troubleshoot the problem.

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