Steps to Calculate Sporadic Totals in Microsoft Excel

The Microsoft Corporation develops the Microsoft Excel program, for the benefits of the employees to make their accounting work simple and complex calculations easily. It saves lots of time and efforts of the user. If the list of numbers is available, then it is simple to discover the SUM of them. And Microsoft Excel is suitable for both the operating system such as Windows and Mac.

But sometimes, the users come across the situation where numbers in cells are irregular; it is called sporadic behavior in Excel. For example, we have some numbers in few cells which is followed by a blank cell, so you need to sum of all the numbers and show the result in following blank cell. So that the way to calculate sporadic totals in Excel.

I know It is not at all easy task, and it cannot be done easily by anyone, so we are providing you best and simple steps which surely help you in calculating the Sporadic Totals in Microsoft Excel. The steps are in the simpler form and require to follow in the given sequence. But if you find any difficulty in completing the process, then dial the toll-free number of Microsoft customer support or to get instant support, visit Office com/Setup.

Calculate Sporadic Totals in Excel

The steps we provide is in the simpler and easiest form. The steps are mentioning below-

  1. Click to select all cells in a ‘Sales’ column.
  2. Next clicking together the CTRL+G or F5 to open and go to the dialog box.
  3. Then, click on the “Unique” button and select and click on the“Constants” radio option.
  4. Now, click on the “Ok” button, now it will choose all cells in ‘Sales’ column which contain numbers.
  5. You need to go to “Home” button.
  6. Now, under the “Editing’ section, click on the “AutoSum” option.
  7. To emphasize the blank cells which consist some sum of cells, you need to select all cells in ‘Sales’ column again.
  8. Now, again click together the CTRL+G or F5 button to open and go to the dialog box.
  9. Click on the “Unique button and select the “Formulas” option
  10. Then, click on the “Ok” button.
  11. It will automatically select cells which shows the total which can be calculated above as it contains formulas.
  12. Now, fill it with various colors to differentiate with the other cells.
  13. It is the simplest way to calculate sporadic totals in Excel.

The above-mentioned steps are helped you in calculating the Sporadic Totals, but if you are troubling with any problem while completing the process, then you can directly connect with the Microsoft customer support. The experts are available 24*7 to support you. For instant support, dial the toll-free number of Microsoft customer support or for more info, visit

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