Touch Bar Support Is Now Available For Office 2016 for Mac

In the year 2016, Apple has announced the latest version of its MacBook Pro, some of the most thrilling new features were turned out into the Touch Bar. It is a very small touchscreen area which is under the main screen which can be used in combination with the keyboard to perform numerous tasks.

Microsoft doesn’t take very long for came out in support of Touch Bar, as the company was announced that the Office products for the Mac would make the use of it in the future. Well, that future has come, but for those who are becoming a part of the Office Insider program.

According to the Microsoft, Here is some short rundown of what’s new in the list:-

“Help us in outlining the future of Microsoft Office, so become an Office Insider program on your iPhone and iPad devices and also get early access to the new Office releases. The Touch Bar support on the new MacBook Pro is one of the most significant commands to what you are working on is just at your fingertips, but it is only Compatible with the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar option only.)”

According to the Microsoft, Office Insiders is in the slow ring which will be able to test the new Touch Bar features on Mac Book Pro across products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

What Will Exactly the Users Able to do?

In the Microsoft Word, users will have the option to activate the Focus Mode from the Touch Bar directly. Moreover, it might also be possible that to change the font styles and document format in the Word document.

In the Microsoft PowerPoint, users can easily observe a graphical slider of all the slides, and we are giving them the option to reorganize from the Touch Bar instead of using the keyboard and mouse.

Since for Excel, users can easily select the newly used color cells and functions. Not only those that they could pick out the charts. The Excel’s Touch Bar features are further useful than the Word and PowerPoint, but that is just an opinion for which you might have a different perception on that matters.

How to Become Office Insider?

Becoming an Office Insider on the Apple Mac is very much easy. For this, you need to fire up the Office 2016 and select the Check for Updates option through the Help menu option.

Now, the Office Insider has two levels such as Office Insider Slow, and one is Office Insider Fast. Always remember that the Slow Ring is very late to deliver the new features, but when it delivers, then these features are usually stable for a very long time. However, same cannot always be said for the Fast Ring due to providing some new features quickly.

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