How to Troubleshoot “Windows Firewall Has Blocked Some Features of this App” error

Sometimes, you may have faced issues while opening a program on your device. You have got that the Windows Firewall appeared a message on your screen that “Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this app” and show you two different options:

1- Allow access

2- Cancel

But if you have confirmed the program, then you can click on Allow access option to continue with that program, if you have any doubt then you need to click on the Cancel option. Now, we will discuss why this happens and what we can do on this issue in this post.

Microsoft has used the advanced security technologies to secure their operating system with its firewall security, with the launch of Windows 10 in these technologies some of the new tools are added against hackers which are the performing against malware to secure the Windows operating system. They are effective and robust technology.

Windows Firewall makes an essential part of layered security because of its Advanced Security. It is offering a host-based service in two different options network traffic filtering system for the user’s device. Windows Firewall is providing the Advanced Security, which is capable of blocks any unauthorized network traffic that is growing or corrupting your local machines.

In the older versions of Windows Firewall is only allowed one set of rules for the receiving network connection.but in the newer versions of windows firewall one of them is Windows 10. It is providing overall control in the connection. It will recommend to the user that they can stop unwanted software or apps from connecting to their internet or control them to attach a secure connection on their device. Windows Firewall does the work with the Network Awareness system which allows it to security settings. it is essential for the device connection means it gives a right suggestion for the network connection.

Windows Firewall is able to block some features of this app:-

All of these reliable and practical security solutions are the best option for all of those users which are worried about stealing their personal information over insecure connections and blocking malicious inbound & outbound connections. But sometimes, the Windows Firewall gets quite irritated because of the repeated notifications that ‘Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this app.  You will receive these notifications on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 as well as the newer versions of windows.

As per Microsoft’s official support forum, generally, this notification advise the user to allow access to a process or a program, although, the corresponding process has started as soon as possible, the message is showing continuously. It is possibly doing when you have to use a web browser. This main notification cause, a malicious plugin or a plugin on your web browser which is trying to enter on your internet without your permission. There are some other causes may include software or apps try to update themselves in the background without your consent. Any malware or virus has entered on your computer system.

If you’re getting this notification continuously, then some solutions are given below. You can use anyone as per your comfort.

Anti-virus scan:-

You can get rid of this notification by scanning your computer for viruses with the help of your antivirus software, and it will help you to get any malware which is the cause of this popup. 

Disable VPN Network Adapter:- 

You can get this popup message from a VPN client which is the running on your system. If you are using a VPN from the WinX Menu, then open the Devices Manager and expand the Network Adapters category. You need to check and identify the VPN software related entry. After that right-click on it and select the Disable device option. You must reboot your computer system. If it does not help, then you need to enable it again.

If you find this issue again, then you need to switch off turn off every Network Adapters one after the other and check if any one of them is the reason behind this problem. 

Whitelist the process in the Windows Firewall:-

In this process, you need to allow the specific program from your Firewall by whitelisting it as follows:

  • Click on the ‘Start’ and type the ‘Firewall’ in the search box.
  • Then click on the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall’ from the search results.
  • Go to the next screen and click on the Change Settings
  • A list will show on your screen that appears, check ‘Private’ and ‘Public’ both options for the program or app for which you’re getting repeated notifications.
  • If your essential problem is not in the given list, then click on the ‘Allow another program’ button to add it.
  • Add the software or application in the list and select the ‘Add.’ to add the program which you want to unblock.
  • You can use the ‘Browse’ feature to find the program manually. You can also reset the Network type.
  • Once the required program has been granted permission, click on the ‘OK’ option and exit.

If you find this issue again, then you can use an app such as- OneClick Firewall or Windows Firewall Notifier to allow or block access with the help of a click.

Restore the Windows Firewall settings:- 

  • If you are trying to reset your Windows firewall settings & rules from its defaults, then you can use the below-given method
  • Type the Windows Firewall or wf.msc in start the search bot and launch Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
  • Go to the tab bar and click on the “Action” and select “Restore Default Policy” option. Then click on the “Yes” option. 

Please note– while restoring it to its default settings, you can lose all of your custom settings & firewall rules. Group Policy applied regulations & settings, however, will not be disturbed.

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