What kind of Surface Phone is Microsoft dreaming of?

Recently, Microsoft has been working on developing a latest and new device for its Surface range. It is going by the code name which is called as Andromeda; the device is deliberation to have a hinged a dedicated operating system and also dual display design.

The report also states that different patents have been filed by Microsoft, and the firm is also developing a device that featuring two screens which is linked by a hinge system and which can also fold out to make a single, and larger display.

However, the folding design will also make the device greatly portable and possibly even the pocket-sized. In a true Surface-style, a stylus might also be on the program for the easy note-taking.

In fact, it could turn out to be several kinds of the hybrid device, for use as a Smartphone when it is closed and a tablet when it opens. However, it could prove a gamble for the Microsoft which is now outshining in the mobile market by Apple and Google.

Although the project has been appearing to be in a comparatively advanced stage, and no any official information has been released about the device. The consumer tech media is thus far to publish any of the tech specs connecting to the device. However, it could officially launch by the end of 2018.

Andromeda has irked the interest of various designers who have been sharing replicates of their own visualizations of the product online.

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